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Coronavirus sweeps through Iowa firefighter’s family

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 26, 2020 - 9:02am
His mother first fell sick a month ago with an illness she believes she caught at the Iowa egg factory where she works. His younger sister, 22, was next — a new mother who was soon on a...
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Cedar Rapids police issue Operation Quickfind for teen

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 26, 2020 - 7:05am
The Cedar Rapids Police Department has issued an Operation Quickfind for 16-year-old Hannah Marie Colwill. Hannah was last seen at 8:30 p.m. Saturday in the 3600 block of 16th Avenue SW. She is...
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Interest in gardening flourishes in pandemic

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 4:21pm
When Clarity Guerra and her wife, Lauren Darby, moved into their new house in Iowa City this year, they immediately started planning where the garden would be. The couple have always had a garden,...
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Iowa’s cities fret over how they’ll make ends meet

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 2:44pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — Unanticipated costs and plummeting revenues are putting a double whammy on local governments, leaving them looking to the state and Congress for a lifeline. “Hopefully...
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Even with federal aid, Iowa higher ed takes big hit from pandemic

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 2:33pm
Iowa’s colleges and universities will collect tens of millions in federal stimulus money, but losses are expected to far outpace that and measures about which campuses qualify threaten to...
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New Cedar Rapids animal shelter manager learning the ropes while weathering coronavirus pandemic

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 2:32pm
Ronnie Schlabs had been on the job for only a few weeks when he had to close Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control because of the coronavirus pandemic. Schlabs, 34, started as the shelter’s...
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Coronavirus the latest crisis to strike farmers

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 2:30pm
DES MOINES — Iowa farmers were having a tough go of it well before the novel coronavirus made its way to the United States. Floods, droughts, international trade disputes and federal...
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Iowa records one-day high for positive coronavirus cases

Cedar Rapids Gazette - April 25, 2020 - 11:59am
The Iowa Department of Public Health reported a new one-day high for positive COVID-19 tests — 648, bringing the total number of positive cases to 5,092. The department also reported five...
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