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Iowa Democrats in U.S. House vote for $15 minimum wage

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 3:52pm
Iowa Democratic U.S. House members voted earlier today to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 by 2025. The Raise the Wage Act, which passed 231 to 199, was amended earlier this...
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New medical marijuana company to launch next month with one product

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 3:49pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — Iowa Relief is set to come on line later this summer with just one new product for the state’s medical cannabidiol program: a tincture aimed at helping Iowans who rely on...
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Apollo 11 moon landing in Gazette headlines 50 years ago

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 3:20pm
Fifty years ago, man set foot on the moon. The Gazette chronicled the journey from start to finish the summer of 1969, from take off to the July 20 moon landing to the astronauts' return. Here are...
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In Iowa: Illegal or not, blocking constituents is bad policy

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 3:00pm
Freedom-loving Americans agree it’s inappropriate for President Donald Trump to block citizens on social media. More than a bad idea, it’s illegal, the courts found. Is it just as bad...
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Back-and-forth over defendant’s competency delays attempted murder case

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 2:33pm
Background A man initially evaded police by fleeing to Illinois after witnesses named him as the person who fired several shots at a 41-year-old woman in 2017, seriously injuring her. Authorities...
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Duplexes for low-income homeownership program in Iowa City

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 2:31pm
IOWA CITY — A fire-damaged duplex is presenting Iowa City with an opportunity to reinvest in its South District. A year ago, the city launched the South District Home Investment Partnership...
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Cedar Rapids man stole $20,000 in Nordstrom merchandise, then sold online: Complaint

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 12:30pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — A Cedar Rapids man stole more than $20,000 in merchandise while employed at Nordstrom and was selling it online, according to a Linn County criminal complaint. Police say...
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Iowa is suing Cedar Rapids asbestos company over removal violations at Washington High School

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 10:52am
CEDAR RAPIDS — The State of Iowa filed a lawsuit today against a Cedar Rapids company for asbestos removal violations that occurred during renovations of Washington High School in 2014 and...
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North Liberty man accused of threatening lawn mowing crew with knife

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 9:19am
IOWA CITY — A North Liberty man is accused of threatening a lawn mowing crew with a knife. According to Iowa City police criminal complaints, officers were called to the intersection of Dodge...
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Omaha man accused of Iowa City break in, assault

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 7:37am
IOWA CITY — An Omaha man faces up to 25 years in prison for breaking into an Iowa City home and assaulting the occupant. According to Iowa City police criminal complaints, on Wednesday,...
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Burning bird nest blamed for Cedar Rapids house fire

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 18, 2019 - 7:10am
A bird nest on exterior house lighting ignited a fire in Cedar Rapids early Thursday morning. Cedar Rapids firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from around ceiling lights of the lower...
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Riverfront Crossings Park ready for its big reveal

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 10:51pm
IOWA CITY — Unofficially, Riverfront Crossings Park has been open in some capacity throughout its construction, which began in fall 2017. Iowa City Parks and Recreation Director Juli Seydell...
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Meet the man behind NewBo City Market’s 300 events a year

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 10:21pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — NewBo City Market is well known as an incubator of up and coming new businesses, but the community hub in the New Bohemia District also has put itself on the map producing a...
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Fact Checker: Are drugs now a bigger factor than alcohol in traffic deaths? Checking in on Gov. Reynolds’ claim

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 9:36pm
During a June interview, Gov. Kim Reynolds defended her decision to veto a change to Iowa’s medical marijuana laws. The Gazette Fact Checker team has looked further into one of her claims.The...
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Finally, a defeat for political bullying in Iowa

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 8:37pm
If former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad had just appreciated the wisdom of insulating some sensitive state jobs from the ever lurching waves of partisan whim, he could have saved us a lot of time and...
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Bat incursions into hospital buildings lead to ‘patient safety alert’ from UIHC

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 7:55pm
IOWA CITY — Bats are common in Iowa in the summer, and they occasionally enter buildings — including the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, where recent encounters with the...
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Most Cedar Rapids residents satisfied with police, survey shows

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 7:49pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — Many residents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the Cedar Rapids Police Department’s performance and their interactions with officers,...
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Trio of Democrats disagrees on health care coverage at AARP forum in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 7:46pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — Democratic presidential candidates pitched their plans to older Iowans Wednesday, promising to negotiate for better prescription drug prices and raise or eliminate the payroll...
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Navigating Iowa’s rivers by kayak can be dangerous for the inexperienced

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 7:13pm
CEDAR RAPIDS — Paddling on the Cedar River or Cedar Lake or at Prairie Park Fishery makes for a quick relaxing getaway for Steve Shriver, a businessman and outdoor enthusiast. But at times he...
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A year after the Mollie Tibbetts tragedy, a community changes

Cedar Rapids Gazette - July 17, 2019 - 7:00pm
Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, University of Iowa rising sophomore Mollie Tibbetts, 20, went for a run in Brooklyn, Iowa, and never returned. Her body was found 24 days later in a cornfield...
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