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Roseanne Barr defends racist Valerie Jarrett tweet: 'I thought the (expletive) was white!'

2 hours 33 min ago

On Thursday, Roseanne Barr claimed that she thought Valerie Jarrett was white in an expletive-filled video posted to her YouTube channel.

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Roy Orbison, 30 years gone, will tour as a hologram

2 hours 41 min ago

Roy Orbison will return to concert stages across the country this fall -- despite having died 30 years ago.

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Joel McHale on his Netflix show, Matt Lauer jokes and why a 'Community' movie is unlikely

2 hours 54 min ago

The comedian/TV host is back with six new episodes of 'The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale,' now streaming on Netflix.

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Joel McHale weighs in on the summer in pop culture

2 hours 58 min ago

Joel McHale weighs in on the summer in pop culture

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Shark Week 2018 viewing guide: What to watch (and how to stream)

3 hours 14 min ago

Discovery has chummed the viewing waters with adventure-TV guide Bear Grylls, MMA queen Ronda Rousey, Olympian Lindsey Vonn, Shaquille O'Neal and NFL stars Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski for this year's Shark Week lineup.

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Reports: Bristol Palin joins cast of MTV's 'Teen Mom OG'

3 hours 21 min ago

Several outlets say former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol will join the upcoming season of "Teen Mom OG," a series about women who gave birth at a young age.

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Beyonce, Katy Perry and 7 other celebs join Oprah in food industry investments

3 hours 34 min ago

Oprah is only one of many celebrities who have invested in the food and drink biz in recent years. Both stars and companies benefit from the venture.

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Ask a Doc: How your waist size affects your health

3 hours 40 min ago

The size of your waist could help determine your risk for a variety of health conditions.

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'Star Wars' action figures expected to sell for $360K

3 hours 53 min ago

The rarest collection of Star Wars action figures in the world is set to rake in about $365,000 at auction. Buzz60's Josh King has more.

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Colbert has a snaky name for White House's Putin invitation: 'Titanic 2: Here We Go Again'

4 hours 9 min ago

"Second meeting?" the "Late Show" host exclaimed after learning Trump had invited Russian president Vladimir Putin to Washington. "Second meeting? Because the first one went so well? It's just like the exciting sequel coming out this summer: 'Titanic 2! Here We Go Again!' This time, it ends well. "

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Jason Mraz gets candid about his sexuality and his experiences with men

4 hours 10 min ago

"I’ve had experiences with men, even while I was dating the woman who became my wife," singer/songwriter Jason Mraz told Billboard.

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Tom Grennan: 'I feel at home on the stage'

4 hours 19 min ago

British musician Tom Grennan says since becoming a singer, the world has opened up. (July 20)

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Is it safe to use your oven for storage like Carrie Bradshaw?

4 hours 19 min ago

You may not want to follow her advice this time

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Is Reese Witherspoon our next big talk-show host? She tries it out in "Shine On"

4 hours 25 min ago

Reese Witherspoon interviews her famous female friends about how they achieved success in this DirecTV series, "Shine On with Reese."

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'Doctor Who' regenerates at Comic-Con

4 hours 31 min ago

Speaking at her first public event since being announced as the new Doctor Who, actress Jodie Whittaker - the first woman to play the role in the show's 55-year history - says "it will be really exciting when women aren't treated as a genre." (July 20)

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'Breaking Bad' breaks into 'Better Call Saul'

4 hours 36 min ago

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, "Better Call Saul" lead Bob Odenkirk teases the arrival of "Breaking Bad" characters in AMC's hit spin-off. (July 20)

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'Too many emotions' at 'Breaking Bad' reunion

4 hours 38 min ago

The cast of TV classic "Breaking Bad" discuss their "emotional" reunion at Comic-Con in San Diego. (Juky 20)

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Common’s message to young students: ‘We care’

4 hours 44 min ago

Award-winning recording artist Common visits a New York City school as an ambassador for the Adopt-A-Classroom initiative on Thursday. The program provides money to school teachers to buy classroom supplies. (July 19)

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Drake is 2018's biggest artist so far -- and these are his 25 best songs

5 hours 10 min ago

Celebrate Drake's big year with a reminder of the music that helped make the rapper this big in the first place, tracking the 25 best songs of his career from his post-"Degrassi" beginnings to his ultrafamous status today.

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Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden to join 'Cats' film cast

5 hours 14 min ago

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and Ian McKellen are all set to join the cast. Although most roles are unclear at this time, Variety reports that Hudson will play Grizabella, who sings popular track “Memory."

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